Peter McCann

Chief Production Officer NA / The Publicis Groupe

I have worked with Alisa for quite a long time in this industry and have great trust and respect for her ability to elevate the caliber of any production she leads. She is hard working, curious, and determined to deliver for agencies and clients. Alisa is also personable, collaborative, and an active contributor to the production community. She is a trusted mentor for emerging production talent and well versed about production best-practices. I am happy to endorse Alisa for freelance and/or staff positions.

Carlos Quintero

Vice President, NA Oral Care / Procter and Gamble

I have had the pleasure of working with Alisa as she led some of the major commercial projects we did for Crest. Her kindness, calm demeanor and her high caring personality during the moment of chaos that are the preparation for a shoot and the shoot itself, are her biggest assets to make sure projects are done on time and with excellence. Alisa gets things done and it is open to possibilities that solve the client needs. She is also a pleasure to work with and a person with high wisdom, experience and knowledge on everything that is production related. I will work with her again in any project.

John Lick

BBIC Director of Advertising Production / Procter & Gamble

Alisa is everything you want in a great producer. Experienced, inventive, wonderfully a joy to work with. She brings great energy to the production sandbox, asks insightful questions and keeps us all on our toes. The work is simply better when Alisa touches it. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Marjorie Sklar Corbett

SVP, Global Group Director / Publicis

It was terrific working with Alisa for our 5+ years together. She has a can do attitude, is supportive, always engaging as a true partner and member of the team, solution-oriented and overall a wonderful person. One of the best!

Tim LeGallo

EVP, Head of Production, Team Verizon / McCann

Alisa Cohen can do it all! She is an incredible executive producer with a vast amount of experience under her belt, she can do jobs big and small, she partners with top creatives, account teams and clients as a true partner, she is conscientious, she knows how to get the job done, and done well, and she makes a mean kombucha! Alisa would be an asset to any production community.

Kim Ann Baskinger

Executive Creative Director / Saatchi & Saatchi

Alisa knows how to GET IT DONE. In my brief time working with her at Saatchi, she has proven herself to be both resourceful and resilient. A kind-hearted individual who is willing to go the extra mile, Alisa takes into consideration the actual time it takes to creatives to craft the work and tough enough to keep agency, client and vendors on track to deliver. She’s adaptable and easy to work with. IMHO, Alisa is a good fit for many different kinds of projects.

Laura Stamm Boyd

SVP, Executive Creative Director / Saatchi & Saatchi

Nothing falls through the cracks with Alisa -- She’s on top of every detail. She calls BS on an unrealistic timeline. And she’s done so many productions she can foresee a calamity before it turns into one. She’s been my EP on everything from zero-budget-just-get-it-done videos to big celebrity, big money shoots and she treats every production with the same rigor. She’s fantastic!

Tara Goldman

VP Product / Instructure

I greatly enjoyed working with Alisa on a video and photo shoot for a website we put together. She was professional yet so friendly and easy to work with that she became a true part of our team. Despite all the last minute changes and rush requests, Alisa consistently delivered and ensured a smooth process throughout.

Jeff Pappalardo

Executive Creative Director / Crowley Webb

Alisa helped us produce a TV spot in Boston while we were in Buffalo and she was in NYC. A very complex production that she managed flawlessly. In a business full of egos, she is a true pleasure to work with.

Marty Weiss

Founder / Marty Weiss and Friends

One of the best producers i've ever worked with. A pleasure to work with. Passionate about producing great work, and came in on budget and schedule. And produced some of my favorite Guinness spots. What else could you ask for?

Amy Carvajal

Chief Creative Officer / Code and Theory

Alisa is great at managing productions both large and small. She has a calm way about her but also knows how to push and help guide the production towards the creative vision.

Kat Gates

Creative Effectiveness Lead / Google

Alisa is a stellar producer, an awesome creative and executional excellence is always her output. Even with tiny budgets, no time and no support - Alisa makes things happen. And she not only makes things happen - but she creates work that wins at Cannes. I highly recommend Alisa for every project - from digital activations to multi-million dollar TV projects. She will always help take the work to the next level.

Lauren Pantano

Associate Creative Director / Saatchi & Saatchi (We Are Saatchi)

Alisa is an efficient, knowledgeable and highly valued producer. She never misses a beat and pushes for the best resources to get the best creative work. Anyone would be lucky to work with her.

Brad Mislow

VP, Creative Director / Saatchi & Saatchi

Alisa tackles every production job with clockwork precision and meticulous detail. I never had to worry about anything when she was heading up the project. Her focus is unbreakable, and she never flinched at the tasks ahead. Also, Alisa will never let a job miss a deadline as she keeps a watchful eye on the calendar and the budget. I hope to work with her one day again, but until then, consider yourself lucky if you get the chance.

Theda Scott

Senior Digital Project Manager / CDM - NY

Alisa is an exceptional producer with keen creative insights and strong technical knowledge. While working at I2i Communication, the direct division of Merkeley + Partners I was tasked with hiring Freelance producers and Alisa was typically requested by both creative and account. Alisa shows attention to detail, professionalism with external clients and the ability to sucessfully handle all types of production including short deadlines and economical budgets which are more challenging.

Deborah Sullivan

EP / Managing Director / The-Artery

Alisa Cohen is a real "go-to" producer. She can be counted on to immediately embrace a project fully, with the ability to access best creative solutions while also employing best production practices. Alisa's experience is extensive that, along with her vast network of smart production colleagues, directors and creatives, proves Alisa to be a truly valuable resource and collaborator. I hope to work with Alisa again in the future and happy to endorse her whenever possible.

Joy Abella

Director, Internal Communications (DE&I / ESG) / Syneos Health

Alisa was a terrific producer for our broadcast commercial. Her strong partnership with our creative team helped produce great work that the clients are extremely proud of. She was extremely helpful at every turn, and made our jobs easier all around.

Stephanie Pavin

VP, Group Creative Director / Razorfish

Alisa is a real find. Simply put, she gets stuff done, no matter how impossible it may seem. She produced three different web videos for us in a challenging timeframe - and she did it with ease. Always positive, always pleasant, always keeping everything in check...she's a fantastic producer. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Geraldine White

Chief Diversity Officer / Publicis Groupe

Alisa is fantastic! We worked together on a Pharmaceutical PSA campaign whose shoot day couldn't have been more complicated. Despite on-site legal and regulatory edits, impossibly tight timing, paparazzi & celebrity drama and very close quarters ...she delivered flawlessly. I look forward to working with her many more times in the future!

Bertrand Garbassi

Executive Creative Director / Saatchi & Saatchi

I've worked with Alisa on multiple projects across 3 continents. With every production, she had the energy, attitude and mastery of complex details that were vital to generating success. At their best, producers have to be hawkish accountants and creative contributors, they have to diplomats, masters of logistics and someone who can make nice with all the people brought together during the typical production. Alisa was all those things, and if she'd just come back and work with us at PKT I wouldn't have to be writing a recommendation for her to work elsewhere.

Bob Adsit

SVP Creative Director (Art), FCB Health

Gentle intensity that inspires relaxation. When she's on the job, nothing falls through the cracks because there simply aren't any cracks. So, hire Alisa. And relax for once in your life.

Andy Goodman

VP Associate Creative Director, Copywriter, Rubbernecker / FCB Health

No offense to any other producer--I love you all--most of you--okay, some--but the fact is, Alisa Cohen produced the single best-produced spot on my reel. She found an amazing selection of directors, put together a great team, and pulled off a complex production without a hitch. It looks beautiful and integrates live action, believable dialogue, photographs, computer graphics, various types of film, music licensing. It's really cool, and she's who I have to thank. Turns out, Alisa does this for everyone--internalizes the assignment, finds the most appropriate talent, adds smart, constructive suggestions, and does the hard work that makes creative partners like me look really, really good. Check out her reel. Chances are, whatever category you're in, whatever technique you're looking at, whatever channel you're planning for, she's done it and done it well. She's nice. She's buttoned up. She's great with agencies. Great with clients. Great with production companies. And great with budget. And if by some theoretical misalignment of the stars you ever have a bad experience, then buddy, you'd better do some soul searching, because it's not her. It's you.

Jessica Stuart

Freelance CD / Copywriter / Cracking Good, LLC

Alisa is a superb producer and consummate professional. I worked with her on two video shoots for two different clients and she consistently wowed me. Alisa is a "can-do" producer even when faced with extreme budget and timing constraints; she's excellent with clients; and she exhibits nothing but honesty and integrity. She's such a pleasure to work with, I'd recommend her to anyone.

Andrea D'Aquino

Freelance Cerebral Director and Coat Check Girl / Marty Weiss & Friends

Alisa Cohen is very simply one of the sharpest, detail-oriented, and professional producers I've worked with at any agency. Besides being a total pro with knowledge of every nook and cranny of the biz, she's a pleasure and fun to be around. Highly recommended!

Katie Gray

VP, Consumer Marketing / Los Angeles Times

Alisa and I worked together on a complex campaign launch - creating online videos for a fully integrated campaign. Though there were timing and budget challenges, Alisa managed every detail of the project so that we launched on time (delivering some assets early) and within budget. Alisa not only reacted to client comments with speed and accuracy, but proactively managed to and balanced the needs of all parties to produce the best work. Though there were numerous challenging road blocks, Alisa partnered closely with the team to identify and implement realistic and creative solutions. I would highly recommend working with Alisa on any digital, integrated . . . any project!

Jason Savage

Creative Director / Havas

Alisa is outstanding. Smart, efficient and keeps the production moving along with all parties well informed. She has great creative instincts and her input is always constructive. I would welcome the chance to work with her again.

Mel Hioki

Founder & Chairman / Hioki Creations

Alisa has high standards and is a real pleasure to work with. She's always up to speed with the top directors, editors and music houses. Alisa has always stayed within budget without sacrificing creativity and is well respected in the industry.

Joseph Witmer

Global Marketing & Content Strategy Lead / IDEXX

Alisa is one of the best producers I've had the pleasure of working with. She is professional, detail-oriented and a lot of fun to work with. She had a great relationship with the creatives and the account team. The CPG production projects we worked together on were often very complex, and she handled all the ins and outs with ease. As an account person, the best producers are the ones you know you can depend and rely on - with Alisa I never had a doubt about that.

Melissa Jean Ludwig

VP, Creative Director / FCB Health NY

I had the pleasure of working with Alisa on two recent TV productions, and I have no qualms in saying she's by far the most fantastic producer I've worked with 10+ years into my career. As intense as productions can sometimes be, Alisa takes it in stride with an always-cool, positive demeanor — Which in my opinion is key. She's there when you need her, she always finds solutions and she does it with grace and an amazing sense of humor. In an ideal world, I would only accept job offers if we came as a package deal. But back here in reality I can only hope to be lucky enough to work with her again, somewhere down the line.

Judy Tabak

Freelance Creative Director, Copywriter, Writer, Marketing Consultant

Alisa is the best. I love her work and her. She did everything a great producer should do and 100x more. I would heartily recommend her to anyone.... anytime... ( except when I need her)

Dan McGiffin

Communications Strategist — Writer — Creative Director / BriteBirch Collective

I've worked with Alisa for close to a decade now. Large projects and small, tough clients and easy ones, here in the US and abroad. Any production or creative challenge that we've faced together, she's been more than equal to. She's an optimist first and foremost, but she also protects her clients and will always (as she like to put it) "give us options." Her enthusiasm brightens a room and makes the entire creative process a pleasure. What's more, as one of the nicest and funniest people I've ever met in advertising, she makes the business of this business fun. Looking back, I see now that meeting Alisa nearly ten years ago was one of those true lucky moments in my own career.